Our company has proven itself with successful projects that it has done with being young.

With his team of experts in the field and his gul-faced team, he offers effective solutions in short time.

Our customers know that our technical support will be with their understanding 7 days 24 hours in the problems they may experience after the project. Because they know they are not alone.

Tech Electronics in Turkey as a high performance, long lifetime, we are in an almost unlimited usage and proud of offering to our customers with advanced technology products.

As Technical Electronics, our principle is to use the most technologically changing and constantly renewing technology to guide our customers properly and intervene on time and on the spot and to keep problems at minimum level.

As Teknik Elektronik, we would like to thank all those who have contributed to our business.


Led Lighting

LED, used as an abbreviation for “Light Emitting Diode”, is a semiconducting, diode based, light emitting electronic time element. It was discovered in Russia in the 1920s. With the name of the LED lighting, we often face the opposite. Oleg Vladimirovich Losev is a radio technician who uses diodes for radio receivers

Automotive Lighting

Tech Electronics in Turkey as a high performance, long lifetime, proud of providing services to our customers are in the automotive LED technology virtually unlimited use of space and high-tech. As Teknik Elektronik, our principle is changing the technology that is constantly renewing itself in the most accurate way


It is known that on average 20% of the electricity generated in the world is used for lighting purposes. Saving energy used in lighting without reducing your comfort is primarily possible by using highly efficient artificial light sources and by using lighting control systems. Lighting Automation Systems




As Technical Electronics Our vision is to provide profitable and long lasting sustainable growth Target market to realize growth Increase market share by moving from the World Approach to reach more consumers in the rapidly changing world with innovative products and applications


It is among companies that develop and spread innovation in different platforms within the institution and across the country. Teknik Elektronik is working to strengthen the innovation-based entrepreneurship ecosystem in order to contribute to the transition of our country to a company that creates technology and added value


It is always to produce the best products of the market, to increase the dependence on Teknik Elektronik brand and to accompany the growth of the market by moving towards the same direction with the leaders. Raising the level of service and raising the efficiency by improving


Technical understanding of quality as electronic We aim to do right in the first time and do not pass the fault with the in-situ quality system. To standardize the products and processes, to keep the product quality at the desired level and to have the quality understanding and competence that can be sustained,