Teknik Elektronik


It is known that on average 20% of the electricity generated in the world is used for lighting purposes. Saving energy used in lighting without reducing your comfort is primarily possible by using highly efficient artificial light sources and by using lighting control systems. Lighting automation systems are systems in which all types of lighting fixtures in the room are automatically controlled from a single point via local communication lines.

Teknik Elektronik is the world’s only open standard for building automation technology in compliance with EN 50090.

The functions that are controlled separately with KNX are collected under one roof. Every element in the system has its own address. In the installed system, changes can be made without touching the existing installation. The system can easily be expanded in line with needs. A switch, thermostat, detector etc. connected to a two-wire low-voltage bus line. It consists of drive devices (on / off, dimmer, motor drive, etc.) connected to the same line as the sensors. There is no need for a control panel or a computer to operate the system.

The devices communicate independently via the bus line they are connected to and perform their functions independently without a central control unit. This provides a very common and secure control / automation on the system.